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The majority opinion of the scientific community is that, as a culture, we cannot continue to live the way we do. To thrive in the future means to live in a different way than we have in the recent past. If this is what we want, we need to prepare ... together.

Three of the most important issues are our dependency upon oil, the ongoing collapse of our financial system and the changing climate, all of which urge us towards greater local stability and resilience. To make the changes in our communal and individual lives requires a fundmanental shift, and the purpose of this site is to focus on starting such a transition in the Forest of Dean.

The hope is that we can prepare for the transition before it is forced upon us - to dismantle rather than deal with collapse, to construct rather than to throw together in panic.

This is the motivation. With discussion and energy we can achieve common goals. Please join in the discussion on our Facebook group - search for "Transition Forest of Dean" - and we will attempt to chart our progress through this site.


Transition Handbook: Rob Hopkin's experience and suggestions for head heart, and hands ... seeing it's you mate - a tenner (click image to order - or email T:FoD).  

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